The coverage gap between your family’s plans is growing.

And it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

A new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that coverage gaps between different plans have widened since the first year of the Affordable Care Act.

The number of people with insurance through their jobs rose by 1.9 million in 2016 and the number of those with insurance from their employer rose by 5.6 million.

The gap between the most affordable plans and the most expensive plans, however, hasn’t increased.

That’s because employers have been taking more of a hands-off approach to covering the new health care system, said Laura Stemple, the foundation’s director of research.

They’re just more likely to put their employees in coverage.

With that in mind, here are the top six plans from major insurers that have the best chance of covering you.


UnitedHealthcare UnitedHealth offers a variety of plans for families.

Its “Platinum” plan offers $1,000 of lifetime coverage with an annual deductible of $12,000 and includes catastrophic and other coverage.

It has a flexible work-from-home policy, which lets employees work from home, while keeping the company’s full-time employees.

It offers a health savings account and some financial counseling.

The company also offers a small number of plans that cover more than 100,000 members at a cost of $100 a month.


United HealthCare offers a range of plans with varying levels of coverage.

Its Basic plan is the most comprehensive plan, with a deductible of up to $4,500 and a $2,500 limit on benefits.

It also offers catastrophic coverage and an annual limit of $7,500.

It’s a little more expensive than United’s more expensive Platinum plan.


Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a Platinum plan with an average deductible of about $2.5 million and no coverage limits.

It can’t be combined with any other plans and offers a flexible health savings plan.


Anthem Blue Cross plans include the same three basic plans, but have a range in premiums.

The lowest deductible is $5,500, but members can also purchase a higher deductible plan that starts at $6,000.

Anthem offers some more affordable plans, including a small group plan with a $1-a-month premium that can be used as a savings account or a tax-deferred account.


Aetna offers a $10,000 family plan with no limits and no catastrophic coverage.

Members can also use the plan as a health care savings account.


Cigna offers a high-deductible bronze plan with coverage for people under 55.

The plan includes coverage for pre-existing conditions and medical expenses.


Humana offers a plan with plans that include $1 million in lifetime coverage and no limits, but it also includes a catastrophic plan.

Humans plans are not cheap.

The average deductible is about $6.5.

Hummer has a low deductible for a family plan and a high deductible for individual coverage.


United offers a limited-time plan with unlimited access to its health savings and tax-free account, but only for a certain number of members.

The maximum annual deductible is only $2 million and a deductible cap is $7.5, but a $3,000 limit can be purchased.


United says it offers plans with a range from $1.5M to $20M and a limit on the maximum annual contribution.


United and Blue Cross offer a Platinum Platinum plan that includes unlimited access.

The deductible is capped at $12.5 and a maximum annual limit is $14,500 for people 55 and older.


United also offers plans that don’t include any of the plans above.


United’s Basic plan offers coverage for the first $5.4 million in income.

It only has a deductible up to a $6 million cap and can be combined for the maximum of $15 million.

Anthem says its Platinum plan has a $5 million limit and a no deductible.

United plans also include a small deductible, a $500 limit and no co-pay for most services.

Anthem’s Gold plan has no limits.


Anthem plans include a limited monthly contribution of $5 to $10 a month, with an additional $2 a month to be applied to other expenses.

Anthem has a large deductible, but no limits for the amount of coverage it offers.


United has plans that offer a range, including an individual plan that offers $5M lifetime coverage plus a maximum of up $5 billion in monthly contributions and no maximum deductible.


Anthem provides plans with the same high deductible, $1 to $3.9M annual limit and $2 to $6M limit.


Blue Shield has a Platinum Gold plan that comes with a limit of only $4.