Ospreys are planning to provide prenatal care for pregnant women at a new facility in Sydney’s south-east, in partnership with the local maternity and paternity service.

The Ospreys said the maternity and parenthood portals were being developed to offer a more efficient and flexible experience for women with special needs and parents.

Ospreys head of medical and social care David Lopresti said the portal would be a “world-class facility” for pregnant and parenting women.

“I think the most important thing is the support and the experience that women have, which is an essential part of the Osprye family and of their overall wellbeing,” he said.

“And so, we’re really excited to have this facility built and to offer it to the community.”

So, it’s just a really exciting opportunity for us.

“Loprestia said the facility would have a range of services, including an intensive care unit, a hospital, and physiotherapy and exercise centres.”

The main focus will be on providing those women who need the most support, and they’ll be offered a wide range of options to help them cope,” he added.”

We have a very special team of doctors and nurses and psychologists and social workers working alongside them.

“Mr Lopresi said while the maternity portal would not be open to all women, it would have an “all-inclusive” service for pregnant or parenting women, including mental health and primary care.”

What we’re doing with the portal is going to be very tailored to the needs of that particular woman,” he explained.”

But we will be very welcoming and inclusive for all women.

“The OSPrey team is also looking at ways to provide maternity care to pregnant women with other special needs, and Mr Lopremias said the project was “just the beginning”.”

We know that there are women who have mental health issues or who have emotional issues,” he noted.”

It’s something we’re hoping to help and help them in a way that they can be the best parent.

“Mr Stoltenberg said the OSPreys would not make the portal available to women without an Ospresi.”

Our intention is to create a facility that is open to everyone, so we don’t have the intention of excluding any women,” he told the ABC.”

In the meantime, our team is in the process of planning the birth of a baby in our next couple of weeks, and we’ll be talking to women about their experiences with our service.


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