If you want a house with a lot of features, but are struggling to find one that suits your lifestyle, you’re not alone.

It can be hard to decide what you want your dog to do when you’re in a new place, with all its changes, and a whole new breed of canine to match.

But there are lots of things to consider when you are looking for the perfect home for your dog.

Read more1/5 The best dog house Plans can often be a huge investment, and while some can be a bit daunting to look at, you should have plenty of options.

Here’s our top five dog house ideas, based on how much they’ll cost, how long they’ll last, and the features they’ll include.

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The top five: The Downton Abbey Dog House Plans for £1,959 – The Dampensworth Dog House plans are among the cheapest dog house options out there, and can be found for £995.

However, the Downtons are often more expensive than other dog house brands, so it’s best to check with the brand beforehand if you’re looking to spend less.

They have more features than some of the other dog houses, such as the option to have the dog walk in the front yard and the option for the dog to sit on the couch.

The plans also include a dog park, and include a walker for your pup.

However they’re also a bit pricey at £995, so if you can afford it, it’s a good idea to check out the brand.

The Dog House of Downtonicanne – £1.2m, located in Dorset, England, this dog house is built in a “downtonic” style, complete with an “Eagle Nest” and an “Olympic Stadium”.

It has a walk-in shed, which is a feature that most dog houses don’t include.

The house has a full kitchen, a walk in shed, and an indoor play area.

The owner said that it is “one of the best doghouses I’ve ever seen” and said that he and his wife would love to have their dog in it.

The Dumpensworth dog house plan is £1m and offers the following features: a walkin shed; dog park; walk in dog shed; outdoor play area; and two large dog houses.

The dog house features a walk by walk dog house, with a “double-height” entry door, which allows dogs to climb on top of the dog house.

The owners say that it has a “tremendous space for our family”.

The Dumbleys dog house – £3.5m, is a one-bedroom dog house located in South West London, which features a large open shed, large front door, and large windows.

The main entrance has a ramp to the dog park.

The roof is covered with a large white wall, which helps to make it look like a traditional dog house while the main entrance is a wide open door, allowing for lots of natural light.

The plan includes a walk out by the dog and a small shed, with an outdoor play space, and you can also take your pup to the indoor dog park for a treat.

The only downside of the Dumbley dog houseplan is that it requires you to be a part of the Dog House Of Dumbleies membership, which costs around £300.

Read the Dog house of Dumble’s plans and find out more.

The Leipzig Dog House – £2.3m, built in Leipziger, Germany, the Leipzer Dog House is a modern-day dog house built in 1925, which has been restored and includes a full bathroom, full kitchen and a full-sized indoor playroom.

The exterior has been fitted with a modern roof, and includes several “dog doors”, which can be closed with a key.

The dogs are kept in a separate room, with access from the main main entrance.

The “Door of a Dog” – the largest dog house in the world – was built by German architect Otto Härtel in 1924.

The building is covered in glass, and has an open front door that leads to a balcony with a fireplace.

There is a large “Orientation Hall” with a huge glass window and a terrace overlooking the garden.

Read about the Leipszig Dog house plans and read more about the history of the building.

The New Dog House for £3,000 – This dog house was originally built in 1920 and is currently being refurbished and has a new roof and window.

The interior features a modern kitchen, and is set in a modern garden.

The design is inspired by the modern architecture of the UK.

The room has a large balcony, with spectacular views of the city.

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