The Bible reading plans (Bibles) that we see on television are based on the first edition of the Bible, which was printed in the 16th century.

That is no longer the case.

Instead, the Bible is now in the public domain.

It is now the law of the land, and it is the Bible that will dictate how people will worship God.

But the Bible will also dictate how you worship God and how you interpret the Bible.

The Bible is the law.

That’s why, when you get the opportunity to build your own Bible reading, you should start by reading the first three books of the New Testament.

You need to read the epistles.

And you need to start by understanding what the Bible really says.

The first three epistles, which are the book of James, Luke, and John, all say something very important.

They say: “Do what you will with the Scripture, as you will do with your life.

The law of God will be fulfilled with you.”

The first thing to do is understand what the law is.

The last thing you need is to read it.

The Law of God is a book of commandments.

When we say the Bible says, “Do this,” that’s what the book is saying.

It says, If you want to live a good life, live according to what the Scripture says.

That can’t be an empty phrase.

It has to mean something.

So the next thing to understand is that the law has been given to you.

And when you live according the law, you are doing the law for God.

The word of God has been placed on you.

When you live in accordance with the law and when you obey the law—when you keep the law with all your heart, mind, and strength—you are doing what the Law of the Lord says.

You are following God’s law.

So if you want something, you have to obey God’s laws.

So, you need three things to live in compliance with the Law: 1.

You should not think that what you’re doing is right.

If you think that, God is going to punish you, then you are wrong.

The Scriptures say that the laws are given to us for the purpose of fulfilling our lives, to be a life of righteousness.

If we live according God’s justice, we will be saved.


You must keep your eyes open for good things.

There are good things in the Scriptures that you will need to be able to live by.

That means that you should be alert for them.

But if you don’t keep your eye open for them, they won’t come to you, and you will fall into the wrong life.


You also need to live according what the scriptures say.

When I talk about the law as the law you must live according, I mean what is written in the Bible on the pages of Scripture, not what is said in the Holy Spirit.

So you can’t think that you are going to live your life according to the law when you don: You are not going to do this, or that, or these.

What the Holy Scriptures are saying is: “Behold, you who live according righteousness live according Christ.”

If you live by the law without living according to Christ, you will never be saved; you will be damned.

So it is a law that you have a duty to live righteously.

You have a responsibility to live up to God’s promises and to live the life that God has called you to.

When it comes to the Bible and the laws, God gives you commandments and you have the authority to enforce those commandments.

But you don-t have to live God’s commandments in the way that He has commanded.

You can do it the right way.

You don’t have to follow every command that God gives.

If God’s command says, You must build a house for me, you don’ t have to do that.

But God has commanded you to build this house, and He has given you a clear path to follow, so you don”t have a choice.

The way that God wants you to live is that you live your way.

But he doesn’t tell you how to live.

God’s Word says: “I have spoken, and I have spoken.”

When you do what He tells you to do, He is giving you a sign.

It’s a sign that God will bless you with your new life.

But it’s a very small sign, and the signs don’t mean anything unless they are clearly visible to you and to others.

So when you have been blessed with a new life and you’ve been living in accordance of God’s word, you do have a way to live that is a sign of God”s blessing.

The best way to do it is to follow the laws that God tells you.

You will be blessed with the

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