Travel plans, including flights, hotels, and car rentals, are the most popular travel products, according to a new survey.

But many people have a hard time making the most of them, and the survey found that more than half of those who tried to use them didn’t succeed. 

The survey, conducted by the travel research firm Accenture, found that the average person is only able to spend $10 on a flight or hotel in the first six months of a year.

But most of those people are spending an average of $60 a year, while those who try to spend more have spent an average $140 per year.

The average spend per year of those that are able to do so is $8,600.

The survey also found that Americans spend a lot on car rentals in the same period, with a total of $2,300 spent per year on car rental services.

Those who spend $100 or more per year spend $14,300 per year, and those who spend less than $100 per year only spend $6,100 per person per year per year — a difference of nearly $1,500.

While the survey is just one piece of the puzzle, it offers insight into the way the travel industry is operating, according Matt Bowers, who runs Accenture’s travel and business consulting business.

“When you’re talking about consumer spending habits, it’s really hard to come up with a metric that will tell you how much money you’re actually going to be saving,” he said. 

A study earlier this year found that people were spending on average $835 per year in gas, $1.2 billion per year for food, and $1 billion per day on flights.

It also found a growing gap between how much people are willing to spend on travel and what they actually spend on other purchases. 

“The more people are comfortable with spending money on their vacations, the more they’ll be willing to go,” Bowers said.