UnitedHealthcare plans to launch an A12 plane for its community of roughly 1 million people next year.

The plane will offer an “enhanced level of connectivity” and a more convenient travel option to help address the growing demand for more flexible travel options, according to a press release.

The airline said that the plane will be available to UnitedHealthCare members in 2018, and the plane’s first flight is expected to fly in late 2018.

UnitedHealthCare plans to offer the A12 in two capacities, a single-engine airplane and a dual-engine jet.

A single-engined airplane would offer better cabin space, the company said.

The dual-engines aircraft will be able to carry up to 20 passengers and can carry up a total of 40 people.

The company said the aircraft will also have a longer range than its predecessor.

The aircraft can travel between more than 60 cities and can fly to destinations in between, UnitedHealth Care said.