It’s a new era for a lot of house owners, with the price of the average home on the move.

As well as new furniture, a whole host of house designs are now starting to pop up on the market that you can expect to see in the near future.

Here are some of the most popular new home designs to hit the market in 2018, along with some of their main features.

How cheap are they?

All new designs are currently on the cheap market, which is to say, it’s cheaper than it was in a year ago.

So far, the most expensive house on the block is a $10 million house on a prime London street, but a lot more affordable and traditional homes are on the way.

The house in the photo above is a £10.3 million house in Kensington.

The average house price is currently around £1.3m, but the cheapest new home you can find is £5.6m.

As the world moves to more affordable living spaces, the house that you see in this image might just be the most affordable you’ll find for a while.

How to get in touch With all the new designs popping up on sale, how do you get in contact with the developers and developers are looking to make your home affordable?

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