PLDT said its prepaid plans for the fourth quarter of 2018 will have a new price tag of about US$15.30.

The company said the price increase will apply to all plans, including the new plan for the new 12-month plan, which starts at US$29.80.

This will be the highest price of the three plan options it has to offer.

However, there will be a $10 discount for those with a pre-existing plan on the new 4G LTE network.

The new price increase for the prepaid plans is not as large as some of its older prepaid plans.

The price increase applies to the basic plan and the $10 annual fee for the 1GB-2GB plan, both of which will be available in the new plans.

However it will also apply to the 4GB plan and 4GB plans with a 3GB or 5GB data limit, as well as to the 2GB and 4G plans.

The cheapest 4G plan will cost US$39.99. 

The cheapest 2GB plan will be US$19.99 and the cheapest 3GB plan is US$17.99, with the cheapest 5GB plan US$49.99 for two people. 

In the new pre-paid plans, the first two plans are priced at US$.79 per month and US$99 per month, respectively. 

But the new prepaid plans are not the cheapest available for use by individuals, although they are not as good as their older counterparts. 

While the most recent version of its new plans for a two-person household is the cheapest option, the cheapest 2-person plan is only US$59.99 per year.

The most expensive plan is the 2-month version of the same plans, with a US$129.99 annual fee.