Plans to end a policy may need to get approval from regulators, according to a draft of the rule released by the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday.

In the draft rule, regulators warn that when consumers need to make changes to their plans, they should do so on a case-by-case basis.

The draft rule makes it easier for consumers to update their health plans and says that consumers should be able to request to opt out of certain health benefits, such as preventive care or prescription drug coverage.

It also clarifies that consumers can request to get rid of certain benefits from a health plan.

“The Commission has not seen any instances where consumers have requested to opt-out of coverage benefits or medical assistance, such that the request would not be permitted,” the draft states.

Consumers can request the opt-outs in writing and should provide evidence that they have made the changes on their health plan application, it says.

The rule also says that if a health policy offers benefits such as dental, vision, mental health or emergency room services, it can opt out and that consumers with coverage through those plans can request those benefits.

The FTC’s draft rules will go before the full commission for review by the agency’s consumer protection division, which is charged with enforcing federal consumer protection laws.

The rules will not affect the millions of health plans that already have such options, the FTC said.

The agency has received more than 3 million consumer complaints since the launch of its rules, but it has not found a significant number of complaints that are not covered by the rules, according a spokeswoman.

The new rules will affect more than 500 million consumers.

The Trump administration has said that consumers will continue to be able see more information about their plans.

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