How much does a $400 phone plan cost?

That depends on where you live.

Read moreHere are the cheapest plans from the major U.S. carriers.

If you live in New York City or Washington D.C., the cheapest plan starts at $400 per month.

The most expensive plan from Verizon Wireless starts at an additional $550 per month, or $5,400.

A one-year Verizon plan for $2,000 per month costs $6,600.

While most of these deals only offer a limited amount of data, Verizon Wireless offers unlimited talk and text and the ability to use data on a hotspot.

If you’re on AT&T, you can also buy a new smartphone with a monthly contract that costs $199.99.

You’ll also have to pay a $20 fee to get an HD-quality wireless signal.

It will also cost you $2.49 per gigabyte of data for each phone you want to stream video over.

However, Verizon is offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you cancel any phone you’re paying for.

Verizon is also offering a free phone that comes with a 4G LTE modem for $30 per month on and AT&

These plans are available only through Verizon Wireless and are not available in other carriers.

Verizon Wireless will continue to offer unlimited data, voice, and text at no extra charge.

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