A few months ago, the Israeli government announced that it would introduce a new parking tax, with the aim of paying for housing construction projects.

The plan was based on the idea that if you build a house in Jerusalem, it will be a lot cheaper to build it in the occupied territories.

The idea was met with opposition from a number of quarters, including the government.

For the past two years, I have been working on a plan to improve housing construction in Jerusalem.

The most important point to me was that I would be able to pay for the building of the housing units, while the Palestinians will not.

And so I decided to go into the project and create a plan for the construction of a new apartment building in Jerusalem to build a new settlement.

I had already done some research, but there were no plans in place, no plans for a site in Jerusalem and no way to pay the building costs.

So I started to go through the existing structures in Jerusalem; the municipal buildings and the Palestinian neighborhoods.

And I came up with a concept.

If I built the new apartment housing in Jerusalem in the form of a garage, the Israelis will pay the construction costs, and they will build the building with the building materials from Israel.

And that is what I did.

And then I realized that the Israeli Government would not agree to the idea, because it would mean paying for a new house in the settlements.

And this is the second time in three years that I have made a decision to change my mind.

I have not changed my mind, because I always had an opinion and my idea was always supported by the Israeli public.

I was aware of the fact that I was being watched, and I knew that if I did not change my view, I would not have the chance to move forward with this project.

It was an opportunity to try and help to create a new relationship between the two peoples, and to bring the two communities together.

The Palestinians will never pay for a house that they do not need, and if I were to build one, they would be paying for it, too.

But this idea will help to establish a connection between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and will help in making this city a model of social cooperation, so that it can help the Palestinian population.

This was not a choice I made, I had no choice.

But I have always been working in the interest of Palestinians.

When I started working on the plan, I was in Jerusalem on business, and when I came home from my business trip, I went to my friend who was a real estate agent.

I said, “You know, I don’t really like this idea.

I would like to have a plan of what to do with the Palestinian housing, but you know, there are no plans to build them.

I want to build my own house, I want my own building, but they don’t want to pay me.”

I said to him, “We are not talking about building your house, they want to buy it.”

And he said, ‘No, you are not.

They are not buying it, but the government is buying it.’

And I was like, ‘This is not a good idea.

We are not going to pay them for the house, and then we can go and build the new building.’

So I decided I would pay for it.

The next day I called my friends, and told them, ‘I have decided to do this.’

I am going to build the first house.

I will call it Ramat Gan.

When we started the plan in June, we wanted to do it at the end of September.

I called in all the people I knew in the area and told the people to get ready.

I told them that I am not going out to build houses, but to build apartments for the Palestinians.

I am building a house for them, and we will pay for its construction.

We have started to do that.

There is a Palestinian family in Ramat Gan who was in the military, and he was one of the first families that we have been able to build housing units for.

And they are looking forward to their new apartment and building a home for their family, and it will make them much happier.

They have not built a house yet, but I will build it.

They will be able afford a new home, they will be in a better situation, and the Palestinians are paying the building.

They can start to build their own houses, and start building them for them.

The Palestinian Authority and the Jewish Agency for Israel are supporting me.

They were also involved in the beginning, and now they have been involved in everything, from the construction to the renovation, the construction on the road, the building on the street.

In addition, I will be building a new hotel in Ramallah, for the Palestinian people, and also the Palestinians in Gaza.

I hope that this will bring about peace and bring an end to the conflict between the Israelis and