A plan to make good on President Biden’s campaign promise to create more jobs and more good-paying jobs is now in the works, according to a White House official.

The Biden Economic Development Plan is one of the first big policy initiatives of the new administration that will come out of the $1.3 trillion stimulus bill passed by Congress in February.

It was initially expected to be unveiled in March, but has since been delayed, the official said.

Biden is also expected to announce his own stimulus package in the coming weeks.

The official said the Biden Economic Plan will be released by the end of the month, and the President’s economic advisers will begin laying the groundwork for a rollout in the first quarter of next year.

The stimulus plan will help spur private investment in the economy and spur more businesses to hire and expand.

It will also help the economy grow faster and create more good paying jobs, the White House said.

The plan is designed to stimulate economic growth and create good paying private-sector jobs.

It includes the hiring of 1.3 million federal workers to help fill vacant jobs.

The plan also includes a $2 billion program to help states implement job training and re-entry programs for people who have been out of work for several years.

The administration has been focused on job training for workers displaced by the hurricane.

The White House also said the plan would create more than 100,000 private- and public-sector-related jobs.