By Mike BohnertPublished June 07, 2020 11:54:45The state’s proposal to build a $4 billion highway that would cut the scenic Adironds route in half was first unveiled in February.

But in a report from the Adriatic Basin Regional Planning Organization (ABRAO) this week, the group says that the proposed route is too narrow, lacks the necessary access points and would be too costly to construct.

“The state has made several assumptions about the path’s functionality and whether it can be adapted to fit the region,” said the report, titled “The Adirondo Highway: Planning and Design.”

“Based on this study, the state has concluded that it would be more cost effective to focus on a two-lane path through an existing infrastructure area.

We do not anticipate having to construct a one-lane highway from the south side of the Adiri Pond State Park to the Adrinnos.”

The proposed route would cut through the rugged, rugged Adironda wilderness.

It would run through a section of the Appalachian Trail and the southern part of the Delaware River.

It’s unclear whether the state would need to cut through Adironderack Wilderness.

A spokeswoman for the Delaware Department of Environmental Protection did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The report said the route would have a maximum of four lanes and be separated by “four major paths” that would be separated from each other by a “pronounced median.”

“The plan also proposes to extend the path from the Delaware to the Appalachian,” according to the report.

The highway would connect with a highway on the southern edge of the state, and would run along the border between Delaware and Pennsylvania, and a highway in New York State.

The state would build the new highway through a series of wetlands and waterways in the Adireland Basin and the Adarondack Woods.

The proposed highway would link with the Adoreland Parkway, a road system that has seen little development in the area.

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