Verizon is slashing its price cap for its $99 unlimited data plans and starting charging $50 per month for two additional phones.

Verizon’s pricing plans, which include voice and data, go into effect April 29.

Verizon’s new pricing caps are not retroactive and are only effective on new phones.

The cap is for one year. 

Verizon will start charging $5 a month for the first phone in its new $99 plans, with monthly increases starting at $15.

Verizon also will offer unlimited data and data on up to 2 phones.

This includes both phones and tablet computers, but the phones must be unlocked and have Verizon’s “Toll Free” mobile hotspot feature activated.

The company said it will also charge $50 a month starting with the second phone.

The first phone will be a new iPhone 7 Plus, which will cost $699.

Verizon said it plans to add more devices in the future, but no new devices have been announced.

The $99 data plans are currently available only in the US.

The company is also offering its unlimited plan in more countries, including Canada, the UK and Mexico.

Verizon is charging $49 per month with the first plan.