You might have heard about the new Apple iPhone X and now you know how to get your own custom-designed plane for under $500 with Bird House plans.

The plans start at just $200, but the prices will go up depending on what you’re looking for, which is a very good thing.

You can get a $600 custom-made plane from Bird House for $100.

Or you can get the $700 model from the company that builds the aircraft.

You can also get a cheaper model with a different paint job or colors, which costs $100 more.

For example, you could buy a plane with the custom-colored paint and get it for $80.

The plan also includes a free 30-day trial of the plan, which means you won’t need to make any major purchases if you just want to check out the website and use the app.

The company also offers a free trial of their iPhone X plan that also comes with a free trip to the Bird house.

You also get to choose the plane you want, which makes it a very versatile plan for travelers.