Planer and designer Emily St. John are bringing the power of the web to your home and event planning with their new home and home-related planer product.

The software, St. Johns said, can be used to create and customize an event plan.

The programmable planer features a simple yet intuitive interface, and users can customize the appearance of their home.

St. Joesons site is a collection of interactive templates designed to make planning a breeze for the home owner.

The template allows users to create events using a variety of templates including the home, the garden, and even the pool.

A template for the pool can be customized by the user to show the number of guests, pool temperature, and whether or not the water is ice cold.

The users also have the option to create a custom event list with all the guests and guests’ names.

The custom event lists can then be used for group events, or even an on-site event with the guests.

With St. Joe’s template, users can create a pool event using only the template, and a simple email address is required to create an event.

The templates can be downloaded and used online or on a smartphone, St Johns said.

St. John said the programmable home planer can be utilized for home events or even a wedding.

“We are excited about this product, as we see that many people are using it to create more personalized events and we have seen many weddings that have been built around the program,” St.

John said.

St. Johns home-planer also has a number of other features that can be configured, such as the time, date, and location of events.

Users can also create custom events for other rooms or rooms and even for the entire house.

The programmable planner also offers support for more than 100 templates.

For instance, users may also customize the color scheme for their house, or add additional items to the template.

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