Tufts University Health plans will begin offering health care plans starting Jan. 1, 2018, as the campus recovers from the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tufts Health officials announced the new plan Wednesday in an email to the university community.

Tuft Health’s TuftsCare plan will cover about 70 percent of health costs for undergraduates, and a third of the cost for graduate students, with coverage for health care professionals, primary care providers, dentists and others.

The plan also includes free dental care for undergrad and graduate students.

Tuaf Health will cover 75 percent of costs for all other Tufts undergraduates and 70 percent for graduate and undergraduate students.

The announcement comes as a public health alert was issued Wednesday alerting students, faculty and staff to the potential for a respiratory infection during the next 24 hours.

Tufam Health, Tufts Medical Center and other facilities have also been tested for the virus.

Tuff Health, a Tufts health system provider, will be providing a free flu vaccine to all its patients and staff.

The Tufts community, which is expected to experience a relatively low number of infections, was already informed of the new plans when the campus issued an advisory Tuesday.

The health system, which provides health care services to about 1.1 million undergraduates annually, was prepared to offer its plans starting Wednesday, according to Tufts spokesman Paul Ritter.

The department is preparing for a low number, he said, because it has already made several significant changes to address the public health alerts.

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