The new Apple Pay is finally here.

But it’s going to take some getting used to.

If you’ve been waiting for a device to arrive in your pocket, now’s the time to go out and buy one.

Here are everything you need for the launch of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay has been around for a little over a year now, and the company says it’s been the “most successful” payment method it’s ever had.

And it seems to have taken off.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to address the press today at 9 a.m.

ET at the Apple Watch event, but the announcement is expected around 1:30 p.m., which means you may need to wait until after Apple Watch’s keynote presentation to catch the big announcement.

Apple announced in August that the iPhone 7 will feature an upgraded version of Apple’s secure payment protocol, Apple Pay, and its second-generation iPhone is set to be unveiled at the WWDC event on Thursday.

In a video announcing the new Apple Watch, Cook said the company has spent months improving its Secure Enclave feature.

This is a feature that helps ensure that the phone and watch both use the same secure payment data, so when you tap and hold a credit card on the watch, the phone will verify that it’s linked to the person using the credit card.

The iPhone 7 has a new “secure payment feature” that makes it possible to use your Apple Watch as a secure payment terminal, Apple CEO Tim Apple said on the call.

It’s “the most secure and most useful payment option ever” for Apple Watch.

We have been working closely with the watch industry and we’re confident that we’ve been able to build a device that is the most secure payment option that’s ever been built,” Cook said.

The Apple Watch has two-factor authentication to keep your personal information secure and secure for Apple Pay to work, and Apple Watch owners can opt out of the two-step verification process by going to the Apple Pay app and selecting “no two-way payment.”

The watch’s first version was released back in January, but there have been numerous updates and features since then, including the addition of Apple Watch bands.

Apple Watch and Apple Pay have both been announced in September as part of the WWDDC keynote, which will take place at 1 p.t.m.(3:30 a.l.m.)

ET in San Francisco.