I was driving back to the office from my job at the office when the plane hit.

I was sitting on the backseat of the seat next to my wife when the first crash happened.

My wife looked at me and said, “What happened?”

I said, “[Boom, boom, boom].

Oh my God.”

The plane came right in front of us and I knew that there was no chance that it could land on the street.

My heart started racing and I was shaking.

I knew immediately that I was in for a major car accident.

We drove away for a while and then we called 911 and waited.

The plane landed on a street in front the office building.

I went outside and the first thing that I saw was a pile of mangled bodies, blood everywhere.

We were surrounded by bodies, and people were screaming.

I saw a couple of dead people lying on the ground, and I said to my husband, “There’s a bomb on the plane.”

He said, [Geez,] that’s crazy.

I said [Oh,] we’ll get a taxi there.

We left the building and went to a nearby hotel.

When we got there, I was scared, and the staff was scared.

The taxi driver took us to the hospital.

He told us that there were five people in the car and that it would take at least five minutes to get us to a safe place.

It was only after we were there that we realized that the plane was actually a bomb.

I told the doctor about the accident and the bomb.

When he looked at the photos, he said, it was a bomb.

“In a phone interview with The Associated Press, the doctor said that he saw the plane crash at around 1:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, April 11.

“Then I looked at this photo. “

I looked at some photos of the plane,” he said.

“Then I looked at this photo.

I looked and I saw that the engine of the airplane had exploded.”

The doctor said he was able to get the car to safety.

“We pulled over in a park and there were only three people in there.

When I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw my wife and my son,” the doctor added.

The hospital is now working to determine how many people died in the crash.

The doctor told The Associated PM he doesn’t know the exact number of people who died in that crash.

“At the moment, we don’t know,” he added.

“But I know that the majority of the victims are women and children.”

A woman who was driving in the same area as the crash told The AP she saw the crash and thought there were more victims.

“There were a lot of bodies and people crying and people screaming and people running,” she said.

According to the doctor, the plane had been flying for about two hours before it crashed.

He added that there are no immediate indications that there may have been any other casualties in the area.

A police officer said the plane came in with a white pickup truck, but the driver was not wearing a helmet and the pilot did not have an instrument panel.

The police officer who helped search the crash site, who also spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly, told TheAP the plane crashed on the right side of the road, with the driver on the left side of it.

“It’s just a really sad scene right now,” he told The American Mirror.

“The driver was in a very bad condition.

I don’t think there were any injuries.”

According to an official from the Civil Aviation Authority of India, the crash occurred at the end of a road where an intersection had been closed off because of a traffic jam.

The official, who spoke on the condition of privacy because he did not want to be named, said that authorities were checking the accident scene.

India is home to some 1.4 million Muslims, most of whom are Muslim.

The government said that about 600 people had been killed and more than 1,000 injured.

A local police official said the pilot had lost control of the aircraft and crashed into a field, and that the accident site was littered with debris.

India’s National Investigation Agency said it was working to locate the plane’s pilot.

The Associated AP contributed to this report.