The internet’s been on a tear over the last few years, with companies offering internet plans that have skyrocketed in price, as consumers have gotten more and more comfortable with more and better services.

And this trend isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Now, it looks like Comcast is taking advantage of this trend, by offering internet packages that include a lot of what we’ve come to expect from a cable company.

These packages include a monthly broadband internet plan, an unlimited data plan, and a TV package.

The Comcast plan is priced at $35 a month, and includes up to 5 GB of internet, and up to 100 GB of data.

The internet service offered by Comcast is generally faster than the speeds offered by a typical cable internet provider.

That’s not to say Comcast doesn’t offer better service than its competitors.

But this is an attempt to lure new subscribers with a plan that’s not only cheaper than its competition, but that also includes some of the features that have made internet access so popular in the past.

What’s more, Comcast has included a special “super internet” offer that will allow customers to pay as much as $50 a month more per month than their usual internet bill.

And that’s in addition to a 30 percent discount for qualifying internet and TV packages.

The offer starts on August 1, and it’s not available to people who already pay Comcast for internet, but will be available to new customers starting October 1.

In other words, Comcast’s offer is aimed at people who want a more competitive package but don’t want to pay the extra money.

This will not only give Comcast’s new customers the same amount of data that its existing customers get, but also the same discount for new internet and television customers.

Comcast has made its plan available to existing internet and cable customers, and also to people looking to get more bang for their buck.

Comcast customers who are new to internet service or want to upgrade to a higher tier of service will be able to do so through the end of the year.

But Comcast’s super internet offer will only work with existing internet customers.

For existing internet subscribers, Comcast will charge them $50 per month for internet.

Those who don’t have a new internet contract will need to pay $50 upfront, and they’ll have to pay additional fees for data, but the company will then be able give them $15 to $25 per month after that.

This is a good deal for Comcast’s customers, because it allows them to switch from their old internet plan to the new plan for a nominal fee.

But there’s a catch.

As the Verge points out, the super internet plan is not a one-time deal.

After the first year, Comcast is not allowing new customers to switch to the super Internet plan after the first $100 of data usage, and those who use more than 100 GB a month will be charged a new $15 fee for every extra 100 GB over that limit.

Comcast’s plan also only includes a one time $10/month internet fee.

The company also does not offer unlimited internet, which means customers will have to subscribe to the standard $60/month plan.

However, the $60 plan is currently limited to up to two users per household, which is the case for Comcast customers.

But those who choose to sign up for a $60 monthly plan will also have to keep their current internet contract, which costs $40 a month.

Comcast is also allowing customers who sign up after the end for a new monthly plan to add their existing internet service and internet service to that new monthly rate.

This means that Comcast customers will now have to buy a new broadband internet service plan if they want to keep the same internet plans for a month after the $50/month price cut, but they can upgrade to the higher tiers of service for $30 a month before they have to start paying for internet again.

Comcast and other ISPs have also offered super internet packages for some time.

The idea is that by offering more internet for the same price, customers will be more inclined to upgrade their existing plan and save money by switching to a super internet package.

But the superinternet plan offered by cable companies is also expensive.

It typically costs between $80 and $130 a month for a basic internet package, and $60 to $150 a month depending on the speed of the service you choose.

But these plans are usually more expensive than what Comcast offers, since Comcast is offering a superinternet package with a one off fee, while cable companies offer plans with monthly fees and a monthly contract.

If you want to try out a super Internet package and make the most of it, Comcast offers a new superinternet service plan for $80 per month.

That plan will give you the same speeds as an internet plan from your current cable provider, but with the added bonus of unlimited internet.

But unlike superinternet packages offered by other cable companies, Comcast superinternet plans are not available for people who are trying to buy an internet contract