The world’s biggest airline has launched its new iPhones, which use new features to connect flight planning to the phones of passengers, with a view to improving the airline’s reliability.

Airlines have been working on using iPhones as a way to increase passenger capacity, and in recent years the industry has been moving away from using iPads and tablets for flight planning.

The new iPhones are the world first to use the new 3G technology, which allows for much faster data connections and faster phone calls.

They are the latest in a line of major carriers using the technology.

The first new iPhone models in years are expected to hit the market this year, as the first iPhone 5 models arrive later this year.

The iPhone 5 has a 4.7-inch screen, and can connect to a range of 3G networks.

The new iPhones will be used by more than 600 million people, according to Apple.

The airline industry is already used to the new iPhones’ speed and capacity.

Last year the world was able to connect with the new planes on just two-thirds of the flights we had booked on the iPhone 5, compared with just 1.7 percent for the iPad.

However, the new phones are not going to be for every airline.

Apple has been using the iPhone for about a year, and has seen a significant improvement in its reliability, which is now at a level where we can confidently recommend them for a wide range of airlines, including British Airways and Delta.

The carriers said the new flights are a huge step forward in the aviation industry.

They said: ‘The iPhone 5 is the perfect companion to make travel faster and more convenient for our customers and we look forward to seeing more customers on these flights with the iPhone on board.’

The new phones also offer more flexibility to the airlines, as they can connect passengers on flights to destinations with their own network.

The airlines said the ability to share a flight between planes on a network would allow them to have flights in one place for a shorter period of time.

The flights can also be rerouted to the destination they were originally intended to go to, with some airlines even allowing passengers to get home on the same plane.

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