The Best Buy network, as a whole, is the cheapest in the U.S., according to the data company IHS Technology.

And with that, we’re going to take a look at some of the best data plans for 2017, and why you should definitely consider them.

The Best Buys that you can choose from, in no particular order:  Best Buy Network  (BNW)  is a nationwide network with more than 300 stores and more than $40 billion in annual revenue, according to IHS.

Its most popular plan, the BNW Gold plan, costs $150 a month.

Its Silver plan costs $250 a month, while its Bronze plan costs a bit more.

The BNW is the only network on the list that includes a monthly service fee for its customers, which is why it’s also included here.

Its the cheapest plan in the US. 

Baidu Network (Baiduo) is another nationwide network that offers more than 100,000 locations.

Its Baidu Gold plan costs about $200 a month and its Silver plan is $300 a month for a monthly fee of $45.

Its Bronze plan is more expensive, costing about $300.

Its a cheaper option than the others.