The NHLPA has been working through a series of steps to determine its next steps.

On the one hand, the league is working on the best path forward for the players and its fans.

On its own, the players have a lot of autonomy in their contract negotiations.

On the other hand, their representation is split between the NHL and the players.

The union’s top two representatives, Kevin Lowe and Mike Rizzo, are on the same side.

The players have an incentive to strike, and the league has an incentive not to.

The union has been negotiating the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement with the players for more than a year.

The players want a six-year extension, a number that will probably be increased in order to keep the players’ rights.

That is likely to be a key negotiation point.

At the same time, the NHL has made a number of concessions in the past couple of years.

The new CBA includes more transparency about salary cap space, and it is being renegotiated with the Players’ Association.

There is also a number proposed changes to the way the salary cap is calculated.

On Monday, the union released a proposal for a three-year contract extension.

The proposed deal includes some of the concessions that have been made.

The contract would be for three years.

That means the players will be guaranteed $12 million in salary, but they will receive a $3 million raise for each of the next two years.

In addition, the contract includes some significant changes to how the league determines which teams receive compensation from the salary-cap system.

While the union has made the salary increases in recent years, it is not going to be enough to keep up with the pace of inflation.

In fact, the average salary will be about $9 million a year higher in 2019-20 than it was last season.

The salary cap will be $70 million in 2019, and will be up to $70.6 million in 2020-21.

The NHL has also increased the amount of cap space that teams are allowed to carry.

Teams will be allowed to bring in $15 million more in cap space than last season, and $15.2 million in 2021-22.

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