A number of new birth plans have come out this week, including Amazon Payment Plan (AMP), the Game Plan template from birth plan provider Ring Protect, and the birth plan template from Birthplan.com. 

For all of these plans, the birthplan.org is a great place to get your birth plans sorted. 

However, there are some new templates that are less specific, and might be better suited for specific circumstances. 

We’ll break them down, but if you’re not interested in seeing the birth plans in detail, here are the new templates: AMP: Birthplan.



Ring Protect: RingProtect.com  Amazon Payment Plan: AmazonPay.com Birth Plan Template: birthplan.net/birth-plan.htmlBirth Plan: RingProtect.

Com Amazon Payment Plans: amazonpaymentplan.blogspot.com Birth Plan Template for Women: www.birthplannet.com (This is not a comprehensive list, but it does cover some of the newer ones).

Birth Plan for Men: pregnancy.comBirth Plan For Men: birthplanmens.com