Sprint announced Thursday it is lowering the cost of its $50 unlimited smartphone plans by $1 a month.

The company said customers will get an option to pay $10 a month for $60 a year instead of $50 a month and $70 a year for $75 a year.

It also said it will offer unlimited data for $10 per month.

Sprint said its new unlimited plans are a “game-changer” for customers who often switch carriers for different reasons.

The announcement comes on the heels of AT&T lowering the price of its plans by about $50.

It lowered the cost to $50 from $65 a month in December.

Sprint plans to raise the price again by a penny a month, but it said it plans to lower the price for existing customers.

Sprint’s plan will be available for new customers starting Jan. 20.

It will include unlimited data at up to 4GB, voice calls and text messages, and the option to upgrade to unlimited data on a monthly basis.

AT&amans’ Unlimited Plan: The Best Deals, Tips, and Deals on New iPhones, iPods, and Android smartphones.

Sprint has offered unlimited data since January 2018, when the company first began offering unlimited data.

The price drops came after AT&ltations CEO John Legere told investors that Sprint’s customers are getting the most value out of the company’s plans.

Legeres said that Sprint is able to lower its cost because the company has already invested in new hardware and software to make it easier to use.

The phone company also said that the changes will help Sprint reach more people.

Sprint launched its unlimited smartphone plan in early 2019, but customers started to notice prices increase after AT &tans announcement.

It dropped the price to $75 in March 2020.

Legedre said the company is now lowering prices to help customers stay with the carrier, but he noted that the company will still provide unlimited data until 2019.

Sprint announced it will be offering a $50 iPhone Xs and Xs Max upgrade to its existing unlimited plans for new iPhone and iPhone X customers, with the option of a $100 iPhone X Plus upgrade to the same unlimited plan.

The iPhone X Max upgrade will allow users to upgrade from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus, while the iPhone 9 upgrade will enable users to switch to the Apple iPhone 9 Plus.

The $100 Apple iPhone X upgrade will also allow users with a contract to switch the iPhone to the new iPhone lineup.