FourFourtwo’s coverage summary: FourFour’s coverage is divided into two sections: One covering the new features in the Apple TV 4K version of iOS 8, and the other covering the iOS 8.1 beta.

The latter section covers the changes that are coming to the app’s home screen and menu, and also covers iOS 8 features that have been previewed in the beta.

iOS 8 features include: Support for the Apple Watch Series 3: The iOS 8 beta supports the new Apple Watch series 3, a watch that will soon replace the existing Apple Watch with a larger, higher-resolution display.

Support on the iPhone X: iOS 8 will finally support the iPhone 12, a new phone that is expected to be released on September 10th, according to a recent post on Apple’s developer blog.

Performance improvements: iOS 7’s UI is also improved with improvements to the multitasking UI, a feature that was introduced in iOS 7.1.

In this article we will highlight the iOS8 beta’s main features, including: The introduction of a new Home screen and home menu in iOS 8 and iOS 8 with support for the new hardware.

Improved performance with support of the new Retina Display.

Improvements to the Apple Remote app, including new accessibility controls and the ability to use it to control your Mac.

More on Apple Watch and iOS8: iOS8 beta features: Apple Watch Series 2: The new Apple watch features a larger display that provides better battery life.

Better performance and stability with support on all iOS devices.

New support for Apple Music: iOS will finally offer access to Apple Music for free with iOS 8 on September 14th.

An iOS 8 release with more iOS 8 apps and features, such as Siri, Siri Pro, and other enhancements.

Apple Pay: Apple Pay will be added to iOS 8 in September with a new integration that enables customers to tap a card reader to make payments at a merchant’s store.

Other changes to the iOS experience: Improved Siri support: Siri will be better integrated with the new iOS 8 interface.

The introduction of the Apple HomeKit platform.

Bug fixes: In the iOS 7 beta, we found that some of the UI elements in the Home screen were causing issues for iOS users.

The iOS 9 beta fixes this issue.

For iOS 9, the iPad’s “Home” menu has been improved to allow you to quickly launch apps.

Updated with iOS 10.1 Beta 3

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