Google plans to add the ability to add food items to a diet plan in the coming months, according to the company’s parent company. 

Google announced plans to roll out a similar feature in the U.S. and Europe earlier this year. 

The Google Feed, a tool Google built to allow users to add and share content on the web, is a great example of the kind of service that Google is planning to roll into its own food-related products. 

This is the first time Google has publicly disclosed a plan for a Google Feed update, but the company did provide a few hints at what might come in the next months. 

For example, Google plans on making it easier for users to share recipes with others and make it easier to share images on social media. 

Additionally, Google is looking into how to integrate more information into a food plan, including nutrition labels and calorie counts. 

A Google spokesperson said that the company is looking at the food feed as a “next-generation product” and “working on a new service that will bring more personalized information and insights to food plans.”

Google also hinted at some of the food items that could come with a Google Food plan, like baked goods and dairy products.

For example–Google Food plans to offer a new type of meal for people who like to cook with their food, according the company.

It will also be possible to customize a meal and add it to your diet plan. 

But Google hasn’t said if Google Food plans will include gluten-free options.

Google’s new plan for food products isn’t the only feature Google is rolling out. 

Earlier this year, Google launched a new search product that can search for foods based on a person’s location, time of day, and the time of year.

This is similar to the way Google Search works, but Google has announced a new feature that will let users search based on where they are and their location.

Google Food is similar in design to Google’s other products, including its own grocery stores and Google’s restaurant search.

Google has also rolled out a Google Map service for Google Maps users that lets them find restaurants nearby and offers local news and weather.